Thursday, February 4, 2016

Amazon plans hundreds of physical bookstores: DJ, citing mall CEO

Books, Stack, Learn, Study, LibraryAmazon Kindle announces two changes that impact authors! 

Amazon plans hundreds of physical bookstores: DJ, citing mall CEO: ""You've got Amazon opening brick-and-mortar bookstores and their goal is to open, as I understand, 300 to 400," Mathrani said."
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Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC v2.0)

Expect to either flex with the times or expect more cuts on Kindle Unlimited program. With last year's  rate cuts on payouts for KU borrows, authors were fairly unhappy but adapted. Now additional upset comes with the announcement of recalculations of  page count in ebooks. KENPC is slashing some books 5-25%.  With changes to methods used to calculate  KU counts of pages read, most writers are feeling  pain since t KU program the basis for payment is calculated on pages actually read.  Many authors report a cut in pages and a few jave seen increased page count. It seems Kindle is shaking the money tree a bit.

This leaves authors choices - write more ebooks to mitigate any losses, abandon KU and stay in the basic Kindle program, find alternative platforms or learn to adapt to new changes by producing physical  books.

 Will  Amazon incorporate ebooks into their plans for physical stores?

What are your plans?

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