Monday, April 8, 2013

Helping others, paying it forward | randomthoughts2013

Helping others, paying it forward | randomthoughts2013:  'via Blog this'

I have a friend who currently is living in Seattle homeless in what is called Tent City. Some people tend to be judgmental toward the homeless. I have a heart about it since it is something I have seen and dealt with first hand.
So the point of this post is: I would like to ask anyone reading this to see in their hearts to donate to the camp with some of their needs to sustain themselves.
Here is a list of items needed >>>>>> Keep reading by clicking on title link. The list is specific to the Living in Tent City writer's project and the specific Seattle Tent City needs. Check below for additional resource information:

Adding to this blogpost - maybe our writing friend's sudden homelessness and living in a tent city shelter has inspired you.  If so  check out these resources: 

HUD.GOV: I know someone who is homeless. How can I help?
Answer: You can tell your friend about the resources for people who are homeless listed on HUD's website. And while you're there, ways you can help the homeless.
you may want to explore some of the other 

If you wish to donate items to your local shelter check out these articles : 
10 Things to Donate - Besides your old socks!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Eco Friendly Home Trends « Seekyt

Eco Friendly Home Trends « Seekyt

photo credit: homes can range from traditional looking homes that incorporate energy saving products and systems, to homes that tend to be classified as alternative housing - which include tiny houses, rammed earth houses, yurts and similar houses that feature non-traditional structural design and building materials. All of these are eco-friendly or green